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ALSCO Orthotics

ALSCO Orthotics

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ALSCO orthotics are uniquely designed to provide full support for those who are experiencing foot pain, lower back pain, knee problems and much more. They support all body types and are perfect for wide feet, keeping you in proper alignment. The beauty of ALSCO is that they are thermo-moldable so the more you wear them, the more comfortable they will feel. 

Key Features:

Arch Support: Evenly distributes weight and pressure across the foot.

Deep Heel Cup: Provides natural heel cushion.

Metatarsal Support: Offloads pressure from the ball of the foot. (comes with the Arch + Metatarsal orthotics only) 

Thermo-moldable cork: Natural material that is firm, yet takes shape of your feet.

Things to note:

It is important to ensure that your shoe has extra depth to accommodate these orthotics. See our recommended shoes.

Our orthotics are handmade in the US. We use top quality materials to support and cushion aching feet. 

These orthotics are made of cork and EVA, and provide superior cushioning and comfort, making them ideal for everyday wear.


Wear instruction: For best fit, wear with shoes that have adequate depth to fit the insert. Remove existing insole from shoe, and insert ALSCO Orthotics. First time users may need to wear their orthotics for a few hours a day until feet accustomed to long term wear.

*color of orthotics may vary*

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