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Pedag Viva Sport

Pedag Viva Sport

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Pedag Viva Sport, the ultimate full-length orthotic insole designed to take your active lifestyle to the next level. Made with soft vegan materials, this insole is perfect for anyone looking to increase endurance and prevent fatigue, without compromising on comfort or style.

No matter what your favorite activity is, the Viva Sport is your perfect companion. Whether you're running, playing basketball, tennis, skiing, or just walking around town, these insoles provide the ultimate support to your feet, leaving you feeling energized and ready to take on any challenge. You can even slip them into your hiking boots for a day on the trails or into your gym shoes for a weight-lifting session. The possibilities are endless!

Crafted by hand in Germany, the Viva Sport is made with a semi-rigid footbed that has a diagonal bridge function, providing optimal stability, alignment, and support to your feet. The closed-cell neoprene material is designed to limit bacterial growth and can be easily washed by hand and air dried. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that no solvents were used in the production of this insole, and all adhesives are skin safe and water-based.

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