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Perfekt - Leather Heel Pad with Latex Cushion (1 Pair)

Perfekt - Leather Heel Pad with Latex Cushion (1 Pair)

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pedag® Perfekt is an extra soft shock absorbent heel pad made of genuine leather and extra soft latex. Often used in only one shoe to equalize legs with uneven lengths alleviates discomfort from leg length discrepancy when one leg is shorter or longer than the other. By installing a pad in a shoe where the leg is short helps even legs length and walk better. It also cushions the strained heel and absorbs the impact shock, absorbs shock and relieves heel pain, also knees and hip. Anti slip with a self adhesive spot.

Insole Type: Heel Support

Length: Pad 

Support: Heel

Top Material: Leather

Shoe Type: Any

Features: Vegetable Tanned Leather

Foot Condition: Heel Pain

Foot Condition: Heel Spurs

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